Homemade Laminate Floor Cleaners And Their Disadvantages



Homemade laminate floor cleaners are quite different from commercial ones. The obvious reasoning behind this statement is that in commercial cleaners the chemical properties for every specific liquid are kept controlled which ensures that the liquid you use on your laminated floor is exactly that what the manufacturer wanted you to use. Homemade cleaners, however, are made by individuals in their homes using basic domestic products such as detergent. The popularity of homemade cleaners exists because of general laziness of the people to purchase a special cleaner as well as lack of awareness about the drawbacks of homemade cleaners.

Homemade cleaners require you to use products that are not at all homogeneous in nature. For example some people advice to create a cleaner in which dishwashing liquid is a basic input. However the problem arises that most dishwashers do not share the same ingredients. Floor Cleaner Thus differences may arise in the chemicals you are using on your floor. As dishes, which are made of ceramics are quite different from laminate floors, which are made up collectively from wood, a substrate as well as a thin transparent coating, there is no requirement for the dishwashing fluid to leave out substances which may be helpful for ceramics but damaging to laminated floors.

And as nowadays companies are trying to differentiate their cleaning products including dishwashing fluid as much as possible, it would not be a surprise if a company did start using a new chemical in its fluid just to get an advantage over its competitors. And if the dishwashing fluid does indeed damage the floor, you have no reason to put the blame on the fluid as you are using it for a purpose it was not intended to carry out.

Thus the person wanting to know how to shine laminate floors could go on and gather information on homemade cleaners and in the process use chemicals in the cleaner that may damage the floor instead. Along with that the required quantities of components that are used in the making of the cleaner are never usually measured in standard units. Most outlets offering resources on how to shine laminate floors usually use the measure of number of cups to describe the quantities of ingredients that you have to use.

This causes another problem. A cup is by no means a standard measuring quantity and some people may be using larger cups while some of them may be using smaller ones. Due to this the mixture of ingredients in a cleaner you make may be quite different from what was originally intended by you. Thus the laminate floor cleaners that you use must surely be commercial ones which have controlled chemical properties which ensure that the cleaner is carrying out exactly that function that you intended.

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