Does DirectX 10 Provide a Better Gaming Experience?



With DirectX windows technology you are able to experience a very high performance in sound and graphics which highly increases the pleasure of playing games. There are lots of versions which have been released for DirectX and the latest being version 10. A comparison between DirectX 10 and version 9 will reveal integrated features in both, and their comparative advantages while using for playing games.

DirectX software has at its core, the Application Programming Interfaces (API) which act as a bridge between the hardware and software making both of them understand each other. The advanced features of the high performance hardware such as sound cards, 3d graphics acceleration chips etc. directx 12 download get multimedia application enabled access with the help of Direct X. In other words, it helps you experience better audio effects and 3-D graphics on your computer.

Windows games are incomplete without the technology of Direct X. It makes window gaming an experience of a lifetime. It increases the level of realism in the game and adds effects to it like dynamic lighting, weather conditions and much more. All the versions of Direct X are capable of giving an enhanced experience to the person playing games.

A comparison between version 9 and 10 is necessary before you decide whether playing games on DirectX 10 provides you an enhanced gaming experience and more fun than playing on previous versions. Although it is true that version 10 is the latest bundle of technology which is used for multimedia applications and playing games, yet it is compatible only with Windows Vista.

However, there is no doubt about the fact that Direct X 10 provides a much better gaming experience than version 9 as it comes with many groundbreaking graphics technology. Newly introduced windows games which are designed with DirectX 10 scenario in mind takes full advantage of the generation next graphics technology used here. The dynamics added to the gaming technology helps in uplifting the level of realism in games.

After adding a Direct X 10 you get a world class performance even in games of older versions which were compatible with earlier version and others. Actually the Direct X 10 card makes your PC provide best effects in graphics and sound and give an optimum result in graphics optimized games. Playing a game with it is like adding a turbo charger to your gaming capabilities and getting an experience of a lifetime with superb audio and video qualities.

You may have a better gaming experience provided by the latest version as you can see that with it you can also play the games based on earlier versions too. This is one of the reasons why more than 10 million users have switched to Windows Vista operating System since January 2007.

You can easily see the improvement in quality of the pictures and graphics when you compare the output produced both from DirectX 9 and 10, as you will clearly see that the output produced by the latest version is far better in graphics and clarity. So, now if you have to choose between Direct X 9 and 10 for playing games, you know which one to choose.

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