Advanced Wireless Streaming A Key Feature Of The New HTC One X



At last week’s WMC event in Barcelona, all eyes were on HTC for their announcement of a new flagship Android device, the HTC One X. This handset has a number of features which make it worthy of flagship status. In this article I will look at a couple of its less publicised, but equally impressive features.

Multi Tasking Overview
The HTC One X benefits from one of the most powerful smartphone processors out there, with a quad-core chip on hand to provide an awesome amount of computing power to the hardware and software alike. One of the many benefits of a quad-core processor is that the phone can multi task efficiently. This means that you can run several applications at once without sacrificing the performance of any of them. thoptv download for pc As part of the new HTC Sense UI, you can now get an overview of all apps which are currently open and running; in a similar way to the Windows Phone Mango OS, or the MeeGo Harmattan OS found on the Nokia N9. To view the multi tasking overview, simply tap the capacitive Android shortcut key at the base of the screen. This will then display the interface of each open app, and can be scrolled through. Tap any of them, and the app will then open, where you can use the app or close it. This is a very handy and easy way to stay in control of all your apps, as you can close any unnecessary apps which may be using battery power or your data allowance.

Enhanced Wireless Streaming
Many previous HTC smartphones have the DLNA connectivity capability installed as standard. This allows you to wirelessly stream content from your phone onto a compatible TV. This provides a great way to share your photo albums, movies and other content with groups of people as you do not have to crowd around the screen to get a good view. The HTC One X has a new enhanced version of DLNA, which requires a MediaLink unit. This is a device which acts as a wireless receiver for the phone, and plugs into the TV. In order to mirror the content of the phone’s screen, you are simply required to swipe the phone’s screen in an upward motion using three fingers simultaneously. The screen will be mirrored on the TV allowing you to carry out any tasks you wish. This function also goes beyond standard DLNA connectivity, in the fact that you can stream a movie or slideshow from the phone onto the TV, and go back to using the phone for any other task, without interrupting the movie stream being displayed on the TV.

The HTC One X is a very exciting smartphone indeed. Although the features covered in this article are relatively insignificant in comparison to the more publicised features like the quad-core processor, Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, and advanced 8 megapixel camera, it goes to show the user experience you can expect from the device. The HTC One X is currently only available on O2 in the UK, but deals from other networks will be announced shortly.

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