A guide to condo maintenance for first-time homeowners.



Condo living appeals to many because of the convenience it provides. If you’re a new homeowner who just bought a condo or is thinking about buying one, keep in mind that condos come with their own set of maintenance issues. While you must pay association dues to contribute to the general operations expenditures of the condominium building, you must also pay for all maintenance and repair requirements of your individual unit as a homeowner.

Here are a few condo maintenance suggestions to help you keep your new property in peak shape:

Fixtures should be cleaned on a regular basis.

You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you keep your condo clean on a regular basis, especially around the fixtures, to avoid dirt, mildew, and other accumulation. To avoid fire damage, clean and replace filters in HVAC units (more on that later) and appliances like washing machines and dryers. Changing filters on a regular basis can also help you save money on electricity because appliances run more effectively with an unfettered flow of air.

In general, plan to perform some major cleaning tasks approximately once a week, although some bathrooms may require more scrubbing, depending on how often they are used. For instance, a shared children’s bath will be much quicker than a guest’s powder room. But you work it in your cleaning routine, making this guide to clean bathroom fixtures sparkle with your bathroom.

Make sure you’re working well with your HVAC systems.

Ventilation is critical in condos because they are often smaller than houses. The breakdown of your HVAC systems can cause a lot of problems, especially during the hotter and colder months—not just in terms of comfort, but also in terms of financial burden. You should then make it a point to inspect the filters on a regular basis, as well as do a complete inspection before each season change. Keep the vents clean and clear of dust and other debris that could prevent them from working properly.

Homeownership has many responsibilities. You need to also monitor your home’s functionalities and ensure that everything works efficiently, besides ensuring you pay your mortgage on a monthly basis. Things such as the maintenance of HVAC may not be glamorous, but they are part of keeping your home working.


Keep track of the inspection dates

You should always keep track of inspection dates to ensure that crucial features such as the fire sprinkler are not overlooked. Otherwise, you risk receiving a hefty fine. To stay out of trouble, be sure you follow all of the state’s rules. You may achieve this by examining your appliances and installations on a regular basis.

Perhaps you think now, and probably now, your home is perfect. However, over time, your house parts may be worn out, leaked, disintegrated or just not functioning as they should. Even if you are the most alert homeowner, you might miss a few minor problems from time to time. You may forget routine repairs and seasonal maintenance services due to a busy schedule.



Be ready in case of an emergency.

You should always be prepared in case of an emergency. It’s great if you have a precise plan in place that lays out everything you need to do in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a natural disaster. Having condo insurance will protect you financially in the event of a tragedy. Find a fantastic insurance agent in the Langley area.

You should be aware of everything that occurs in such circumstance, as well as how to react if it occurs. If you require special assistance, you must communicate with other condo owners and occupants.

Make a financial plan.

When making your annual budget, set aside money for preventative maintenance so you’ll have something to fall back on if you need a major repair or replacement. Setting aside adequate money for preventative maintenance without depleting your savings or operational budget is critical. When it comes to investing in Langley real estate, be prepared and know what to look for.


“Cleaning and maintaining a condo can be time-consuming and expensive, but it’s vital if you want to keep it looking nice. However, just like investing in the enhancement and maintenance of a home, taking excellent care of your condo can pay you handsomely in the long term. “

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